Instructions to compile from source can be found below. If your OS isn't listed, you'll need to follow the manual installation instructions and install the specified dependencies (build dependencies can be removed after compilation, if desired).

Adding support for your preferred distro is a great way to contribute to the project!


# Nix3-based build
nix build

# Flake-based build
nix build --flake

# Interactive console
nix develop

Arch Linux

Available via AUR:

git clone
cd amp
makepkg -isr


Available via Homebrew:

brew install amp

Manual installation


  • git
  • libxcb (X11 clipboard support)
  • openssl
  • zlib

Build dependencies

  • cmake
  • rust
  • python3 if building on Linux


Supported Release Channels

Amp's automated test suite is run using Rust's stable release channel; beta and nightly release channels are not officially supported. The oldest version of Rust currently supported is 1.38.0.

  1. Install Rust, either through your system's package manager or using Rust's rustup toolchain management utility.
  2. Install both the regular and build dependencies listed above.
  3. Build and install:

    cargo install amp